DIY Rustic Wood Table

Do you remember we were(and I really mean ME) swooning over the "twig bench and cube"? The one by PINCH... Look what a delightful DIY tute Apartment Therapy produced for us, courtesy of 101 Woonideeen. Apparently, it requires not much more than a wood box, black paint, a hot glue gun, wood branches and disks and a piece of glass. I have a confession to make, I never went twig hunting, and the few times I came close to stash away a couple of twigs littering the floor of our "tropical forests", well I chickened away afraid of looking very foolish to other picnickers *blush*. Are you tempted enough? And am I to be brave enough? We might first need to get to Dutch, seeing as the instructions are in this language, but the images seem self-explanatory. Please post and link back if you ever embark on this one;)

Source: Apartment Therapy San Francisco


  1. That looks so cool. It reminds me of a piece in a ski lodge

  2. So neat!! But it's a lot of twigs, nice straight twigs that is.

  3. It actually looks like a pretty easy project. Don't be shy, pick up those sticks and take a shot at making a twig table!! :-)

    Thanks for the comment you left on my Olympic medal post :-) Sometimes I wonder how much time and effort I should put into researching and writing posts. When I hear that someone appreciates the effort, it encourages me to keep going the extra mile :-)

    I'm swooning over 14 too!! Did you check out the Bocci web site?? There a lot more pictures of different variations of 14. VERY swoon-inducing!!


  4. LOVE!!!

    May have to make this one!

    I am also nominating you for Best Blog award.
    The icon is on my blog.
    Please pass it on to 15 of your faves!
    Happy Sunday!