Carrie's Makeover



With the tropical downpour we're having lately, cosy afternoons with a good book(I've just started over Pride and Prejudice) and reruns of some movies that offer fab eye-candy, think SATC, it's no wonder I had to post about the Carrie Bradshaw apartment makeover... More so because it even follows a certain checklist... Of course, this famous makeover has been blogged around quite assiduously. Read an interview with the production designer Jeremy Conway [here].

Sources: THE LOVE LIST and Live in full color


  1. Love the re-do...More colorful and vibrant. Matches her personality.

  2. Love the make-over!!
    It looks fabulous!

  3. I love it!!! I'm trying to find a setup for a large LCD tv - this looks like it may be a candidate! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Well there you go -- you're inspired by this bedroom makeover and it's pouring rain. What better time to start your own bedroom makeover?!

    A belated thanks for your kind comment on my home office win :-) I did put a lot of hard work into it (hubby did too!!), but it was all worth it because I love my office :-)


  5. LOVE it!!! such a beautiful post!!

  6. Hi everyone, thx for dropping by.
    Kelly, your welcome:) and yes, am just starting to work on the make-over. I only want time and budget:( But am ready to get all creative hehe