Elements of decor: Adding something organic

Artists who work with found objects think outside the box, even if boxes are what they make-Eco-Artware.com

...And green is gorgeous

I wanna go twigs-hunting

The framed art-wall is absolutely ravishing

Tea or Coffee?Perhaps some wine...

(Source: From housetohome)

.:Reclaimed Restored Reborn:.


  1. Whoa! The twig bench is absolutely ingenious! I want one!!!

  2. Oh, I love that twig bench. I am definitley up from some twig hunting!

  3. I may have left you a comment under my friends name just now about the twigs--opps! Sorry.

  4. Hello Everyone
    Managed to track down the designer, well, the "Twig bench and cube" by PINCH are made from copiced hazel.Here's the good news, we can go twig hunting, yayyy:))))
    an extract from treehugger, which posted about it ages ago: "He tracked down a man in England that grew hazel trees for river dams and went into his forest to collect some branches"
    But there you go, available from PINCH online:
    bench £1425 inc VAT
    cube £810 inc VAT

  5. I saw the third picture last summer. White season was then just beginning in my life. It pleased me then. And now also.