You know they say your interior should be an extension of you

Well, I came across these two while perusing blogs and it hit me that am really into

1) white interiors with black furniture and pops of colors& a zest of shiny bling
2) aqua shades of blue with textures that hint a natural look

...and I couldn't help thinking that there's a slight contradiction in here. It's kinda modern versus coastal? Do they mix? Then I happened to check out CoteMaison and it got me thinking, of course they will, with the right dose of each.

Also reminded me why I loved so much this room featured on Domino

All this, to say that I am so longing to make-over my bedroom into a blissful white room from ceiling to floor and to paint my furniture black, to accessorize with pops of color as well as shiny things, be it chandelier or mirror, and to finish off with a beautiful piece of art gloriously celebrating all shades of blue. There I said it. And I hope I get to do it in 2010:) Else, well at least am getting a little bit closer to defining my own "style".


  1. Funny...But I have the white paint to do my living room...I'm tempted to take everything out...and shop the house!

  2. Hello Sharon
    This new year began with a sad news for me and my family. Finally I am calmer and I think to come back soon to read your beautiful blog!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oooh, now you HAVE to make over your bedroom, seeing as you've discovered your style and have a plan!! Quick, start painting so we can see it!!! :-D