Designer Outdoor Spaces

1st pic: HGTV Green Home 09. 2nd pic to last pic: HGTV Designer Portfolio

Featuring lusty outdoor spaces from HGTV. By Landscape designers. And because WE might not be able to get our hands on a landscape designer ready to work benevolently, we'd better take notes from them and try our best green thumbs. After all, gardening can't be THAT difficult, can it? hey, I am trying to convince myself to go do some this weekend...the front lawn is so sad looking. It's started to get bald patches here and there. Old age huh! Of course my 6 yr old dog has nothing to do with it.Nope. So no pictures of the sad looking front garden. Instead feast your eyes on these amazing bbq areas, decks and porches. Have a great outdoorsy weekend you all! Go to the beach, the zoo or the park, but go out&BBQ partying everyone. Bring us back some great inspirational shoots:)

Inspiration for Interiors: The Nursery Room

Ohh Look!

Inspirational Find of the Week:DIY Birdcage-like Charm
One which will look great in a grown up's room too...

...Also by Quarto da Dora...

From Ohdeedoh
{Visit The Apartment Therapy for Kids}

(By Estante Rosa)

From HousetoHome?

...Nurseries with an organic feel...

Wallpaper&Wall decals make fun pops of color. I know for a fact that Etsy has tons of cute stores that make them in every form and color imaginable.

Lavender can be so soothing. And it is gender neutral, isn't it?

...For the grown up princess...
Above from source unknown

Putting together an inspiration board for decorating nurseries and kids' room. Forgive the bad blogging etiquette, some of these photos are not sourced and as they have been in my file for a really long time-I believe it's my first take on babies room- I can't trace them back to the wonderful people who own them, have photographed or blogged about these first.

Thinking of you M!!!Hope you& your beautiful baby are getting along great:)

Cottage Living

Country or Coastal?

...Inspirational Interiors on Cottage Living...

(From Coastal Living via RowHouse blog)

By Jane Coslick

Repurposed wood

(on Coastal Living)

Aqua blue, teal, turquoise, sea-foam green on white, all looks good&very appropriate in beach-houses. A classic. I love the pink as accent color!

Drew Barrymore's

Amanda Peet's

Aren't you in for some serious Kitchen remodel after seeing these beauties in white or black?
(Above from Country Living)

More Kitchen and Dining Rooms

(From Coastal Living)

Are you asking yourself: "Is something here NOT from Coastal Living magazine?"
Well yes!!Found these...
(1st Picture and last two are from Architectural Digest)