Designer Outdoor Spaces

1st pic: HGTV Green Home 09. 2nd pic to last pic: HGTV Designer Portfolio

Featuring lusty outdoor spaces from HGTV. By Landscape designers. And because WE might not be able to get our hands on a landscape designer ready to work benevolently, we'd better take notes from them and try our best green thumbs. After all, gardening can't be THAT difficult, can it? hey, I am trying to convince myself to go do some this weekend...the front lawn is so sad looking. It's started to get bald patches here and there. Old age huh! Of course my 6 yr old dog has nothing to do with it.Nope. So no pictures of the sad looking front garden. Instead feast your eyes on these amazing bbq areas, decks and porches. Have a great outdoorsy weekend you all! Go to the beach, the zoo or the park, but go out&BBQ partying everyone. Bring us back some great inspirational shoots:)


  1. These outdoor spaces are wonderful!
    Have a nice weekend too!

  2. oooh!!! I have never been to your spot on the planet! Love it!!!
    check out my blog too!!

  3. @ Stella: :)

    @ leticia: hi, thx for dropping by LiveYourStyle!yes, you should definitely come visit;)

  4. All these backyards are great!! I love the picture of the bench with the morning glories on the pergola -- beautiful!!

    Now I'm off to do some gardening :-)

    Thanks for following our blog :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  5. Love the outdoor oasis inspiration!


  6. @ Kelly: How was the gardening?:P thx for visiting:)

    @ Betsy Head: Oasis is a true word indeed. thx for dropping by LiveYourStyle:)