Inspiration for Interiors: The Nursery Room

Ohh Look!

Inspirational Find of the Week:DIY Birdcage-like Charm
One which will look great in a grown up's room too...

...Also by Quarto da Dora...

From Ohdeedoh
{Visit The Apartment Therapy for Kids}

(By Estante Rosa)

From HousetoHome?

...Nurseries with an organic feel...

Wallpaper&Wall decals make fun pops of color. I know for a fact that Etsy has tons of cute stores that make them in every form and color imaginable.

Lavender can be so soothing. And it is gender neutral, isn't it?

...For the grown up princess...
Above from source unknown

Putting together an inspiration board for decorating nurseries and kids' room. Forgive the bad blogging etiquette, some of these photos are not sourced and as they have been in my file for a really long time-I believe it's my first take on babies room- I can't trace them back to the wonderful people who own them, have photographed or blogged about these first.

Thinking of you M!!!Hope you& your beautiful baby are getting along great:)


  1. Hi Sharon!

    Love this post! Obsessed with baby/childrens rooms. Can you tell me the website address of Quarto da Dora? Hope you are having a glorious day in Mauritius .... greetings from Johannesburg to you!


  2. @ Bonnie: Hi, thx for dropping by LiveYourStyle:)
    here's the link to Quarto da Dora: