Cottage Living

Country or Coastal?

...Inspirational Interiors on Cottage Living...

(From Coastal Living via RowHouse blog)

By Jane Coslick

Repurposed wood

(on Coastal Living)

Aqua blue, teal, turquoise, sea-foam green on white, all looks good&very appropriate in beach-houses. A classic. I love the pink as accent color!

Drew Barrymore's

Amanda Peet's

Aren't you in for some serious Kitchen remodel after seeing these beauties in white or black?
(Above from Country Living)

More Kitchen and Dining Rooms

(From Coastal Living)

Are you asking yourself: "Is something here NOT from Coastal Living magazine?"
Well yes!!Found these...
(1st Picture and last two are from Architectural Digest)


  1. I love the cottage look! These pics are amazing!!!

  2. Fabulous pictures...and Coastal Living is awesome!

    Have a beachy weekend!

    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

  3. Ooooh! I love them! The Coastal Living pics win for me! I hear paint calling my name and my husband won't like that I saw these pictures:)