The world, one drawing at a time

I came across this blog last time and I was totally floored by the concentration of talents over at Urban Sketchers! I promise you need to check it out. It might get you to start doodling... sketching... drawing and who knows, painting even...
Urban Sketchers was started by Seattle journalist and illustrator Gabriel Campanario...

(All images are from Urban Sketchers)


  1. Sharon, these drawings are amazing thanks for sharing. They make me travel only waching them :)

  2. Yes, indeed, I would like to visit that site. Can you share the link with us?

  3. @ Stella: ur welcome:) they are kinda amazing aren't they?

    @Pam Kersting: I linked to UrbanSketchers in the text, but due to the color scheme on the blog, it's not so apparent, oops!here you go: