I wanna go shop there

Look at that Rad yellow staircase right in the middle of the bookstore, Livraria Da Vila. It's genius right! Yeah downside point, you'll have to go all the way to Sao Paulo to get to shop from in there. Designed by Isay Weinfeld, with an enormous amount of titles, great design and a variety of comfortable reading spaces. The dramatic stairs, the secret-lab style entrance doors and wide open spaces are great details that really make the space special.

Another amazing retail space, Conde Lumiares Drugstore.
Design Team: Mobil M. Location: Alicante, Spain.

Spanish architecture firm Mobile M, has renovated the Conde Lumiares drugstore in Alicante, Spain, offering an innovative, non-traditional approach to pharmacy design while renovating the store. Architect in charge, Daniel Ferrer has removed the suspended ceiling of the old shop, lending an airy and spacious feel to the interior. Ferrer has raised the roof from two meters to around five meters. To fill in the void created by having a large space open, Mobile M installed 256 suspended cylinders, ranging from two to four meters in length. A second level to the drugstore has also been created for use as a laboratory, warehouse and employee training area. The exterior of the shop also received a makeover. The single piece shop window glass is five meters high, offering a view of the interior of the shop from outside.


  1. Wow! I love the bookstore! Makes me wanna go to Brazil now. This morning hubby and I were talking about it...Thanks for sharing...

  2. What great design! It really is true ... design matters!

  3. Wow; I love bookstore also I wanna go shop there!

  4. Wow!! Very cool!! Makes me want to read lots and lots of books and buy toothpaste!!