Earthy Red

1-4. Rebecca Bradley Portfolio 5,6&7. Unknown 8. Derek Brown Portfolio 9. Barbara White
First, hope you guys states-side are having a great week-end and are still celebrating the 4th in style!Can't wait to see your beautiful pictures and updates. Ah, the last two weeks have been roller-coasters for me and have pretty much kept me away from the web and the blogs. Also, I've been sewing, so I'll probably post on L'Atelier soon. I also have some paper crafts cooking. Moving on to Today's post, a photo round up of interiors based on color theme "earthy red" which I could best describe as a rusty/orange kind of red. I don't know why, but I'm finding myself drawn to it lately-may be it's a phase. What's your favorite color for now?

Be inspired,
Sharon from LiveYourStyle


  1. Great pictures, I especially like the 7th and 8th (the wall with the tree and the tub)- it makes me want to decorate my wall!

  2. Congrats on your enrollment. You will love it! Beautiful inspiration!

  3. @ Justine: Isn't it! Am having the same thoughts about applying wall decals in my bedroom.

    @ Rachel: thanks. I loved my first classes:) I hope it keeps getting better!

  4. Likey!

    My faves change all the time. right now that cool combo of lime green and deep turquoise.

  5. @ Linda: another turquoise fanatic here:)