.:Flowery, Girly:.

Bold Black& White stripes with lime yellow!

Outdoor Kitchen

Dream workspace

~Heart everything in this picture~

DIY potential: The bench

.:Perfect Party Decor:.


.: à la française :.

Week-end!! This week has flown by at a faster pace than usual. Is it Friday already? Am not sure my system has registered this information yet. And to help me, you, us, get into the mood, Alfresco, beach style, to-die-for retreats for that anticipated summer bbq or that much procrastinated patio make-over... I will be dreaming of lovely outdoor spaces today and hopefully, I'll wake up tomorrow with a lovely plan to hit the beach, despite the winterish weather-oh really what am I complaining about! Cheers.

All pictures are from HousetoHome


  1. Dreamy open space :)

    it's beautiful the picture on the right between Categories and Style Musings ^___^