Calcium Sulphate...

I've not posted in a while and am feeling withdrawal symptoms already. Today's post is an ode to anonymous street artists participating in a... chalk festival, hence the calcium sulphate. These photographs are from a friend who's on the most fabulous trip in the states (hawaii, LA, vegas etc). Ahh the lucky dude!

Longing for a break and an amazing trip,
Peace out for the weekend


  1. Wow, cool drawings!! I hope it didn't rain any time soon after they were done!!

    Love the colours in the drawing of the cat :-)

    Good luck in our giveaway -- and yes, the glam tassel IS rad!! I want to keep it for me!!


  2. Very cool! What a fun project to work on!

  3. @Kelly: Fleur de glam sounds so appropriate^^ what a great giveaway, can't wait to see the results!

    @Kim: wowsers!!!

    @Rachel: agreed:) am thinking, we should have something alike here also. It would be awesome...

  4. They are beautiful, I particularly like the one with the cat, the eagle and the face of the photo ten ^__^

    Have a nice weekend