Bathing luxury

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Marie-Claire Bathroom


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Taj Resort

Jordi Canosa

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By Jane Coslick
via Coastal Living

I'd say that a luxurious bathroom, or at least one that on a Monday morning you would want to lock yourself in and never come out, stands at the same footing with a walk-in dressing. May be you need to be a girl to understand the appeal. On a side-note, watch the new Heineken commercial, it's hilarious!
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PSst: Olivia from Alkemie did a fabulous post on bathrooms recently {Check it out}


  1. these bathrooms are soooooo great! I'd love to take my time in one of the rooms here, please.... :)

  2. Thanks for the link! A lovely line up. I totally think that every bathroom, no matter what size or style deserves to be a sanctuary!