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Achieve simple sophistication
Above: livingetc, desiretoinspire,
...and from RedEnvelope:

Chalkboard candle

Deliver your message by candlelight. This ceramic candleholder acts as a chalkboard, and can be written on, doodled, or decorated according to the occasion. Holds a scented 100 percent soy wax candle, and arrives with a set of three colored chalks.

Spinning Frames

Put a fresh spin on the classic desk frame with a flick of a finger. These spinning frames are a convenient and good-looking way to display multiple photos of loved ones without cluttering up the desktop.

Loop Candlesticks

English designers Black+Blum have won numerous awards for their innovative, visually compelling designs, and these candleholders exemplify their artistry. Their polished loops add height and fluid beauty to any table, and may stand alone or be placed together into an intricately beautiful twist. Each individual candlestick holds two candles at slightly different heights.

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