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Showcasing a favorite artist of mine, Jennifer Ramos who's the designer behind the ultra chic label "MadeByGirl"

"I love my job and creativity is everything to me. Hopefully, I can inspire & and encourage others to follow their dreams of becoming a business owner. In the meantime, I hope each of you will embrace the idea of going green as much as possible and motivate others to do the same. Global warming has become such a threat, and we need to change this. I believe we're all environmentalist, we all love beautiful sunny days and clean beaches, so we all have to be part of the solution. All my cards will be printed on recycled or post consumer paper, with the hopes of creating a positive change in others. The cards & posters I design are fun and colorful, because I LOVE color! It is the most personal and emotional element of design."
Jennifer Ramos

ABC love, $ 2.95

From The Love Pack, $ 21.00
It really is a fun and colorful collection of 8 cards, 1 of each design for different occasions
to give to your sweetheart.

Love Defined, $ 2.95

Besides the designer cards, MadeByGirl also sells digital prints, reprising some of the same amazing designs. Do you just not picture a piece of love in your home! I can imagine that the most interesting conversations develop around this enticingly vivid& bold art ...and yes, I am curious as to how people emotionally react to it.
Find out more about the world of MadeByGirl through her blog space.

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