Portofino, The Sartorialist

A perfect excuse for channeling the nautical trend, to have a memorable get-away, to be the proud owner of this boat... argh I heart this

Photograph by Mallinkowa, My inspirations

Spectacular sunset, "Views from my parent's flat. They are living on the 11th floor."
... You will definitely fall in love with Poland:)

Pretty Dress, A CUP OF JO

Ms Zooey Deschanel looks like she stepped out of a fairy tale. One of my favorite style musings, A CUP OF JO by Ms. Joanna Goddard.

Sorapot, decorology

The sorapot from industrial designer Joey Roth. Heart this new blog.


  1. Thank you for mentioning about my photos and my blog. I'm really happy. :) I hope that I will visit Mauritius one day, because yours photos are very inviting.

  2. My pleasure:) Do come and visit, it'll be great.