It's starting to look like Christmas...

I've been busy this weekend, putting up the tree...

Working with a small place is tough. Let alone taking a good picture! There was some madness involved in hiding away stuffs, moving others and trying to find a good angle so most of the tree fits. Oh and the summer heat was not helping. 30 oC inside. Doing anything other than sitting still is a real pain. Heck, I am dreaming of a get-away to somewhere snowed in!

More to follow in the week...


  1. 30 degrees! I'm so jealous, I'm freezing here in Virginia and heading to Sweden on Thursday for even colder temperatures. You're soooo lucky. Tree is gorgeous!

  2. Come to Ontario, we have LOTS of snow here! Already over a meter in western Ontario, and close to a foot in Ottawa.

    Your tree is beautiful - love the gold & white colour combo :-)