Update: What should we think of this?

August 10th post: What should we think of this?

Via Coté Maison

I'm still deciding if this kitchen sink is the coolest decor idea ever or just plainly a faux-pas. You see, it was originally a... shower pan. Hmm...

Update: Guess what, I switched on the TV today and happened to catch a house tour of this precise kitchen! Yeah I know, what were the chances of this happening. I had round eyes, immediately set the volume to higher, listened very carefully and was itching to report back on it haha.

akagugo, you'll be happy to know, there's more to these cabinets than what it seems.

For, it hides an elevator for the microwave. The family explained how the wiring sound it makes in the morning became a friendly sound that announced coffee's ready and offices as an alarm clock for the kids. Pretty cool!

And I got even more puzzled by the sink. At one point the camera showed what's above it. Well, apart from the lamp we see, there's...a shower head. Probably a reclaimed one, which may or may not be functional. The owner was cheeky and joked that you can take your shower if you want. (as I'm not that quick when it comes to doubtful jokes) Well well well, I'm still undecided.

Click [here] to visit the rest of this very interesting house.

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