What should we think of this?

Via Coté Maison

I'm still deciding if this kitchen sink is the coolest decor idea ever or just plainly a faux-pas. You see, it was originally a... shower pan. Hmm...


  1. Hmmmm....I don't think it would be for me!
    But it is a great way to re-use things:)

  2. Loving the idea and the look. I know my kitchen sink is deep and I still make a mess! LOVE those cabinets and random light :)

  3. Now try to use that sink, and you'll regret having a too shallow sink.
    Where is the hot area - extractors etc?
    What about the glazed cabinets - are they not too high / impractical?
    That's why I don't recommend any setup that is illustrated as if extracted from a magazine like this one, without regard for normal everyday life. These types of setups may be very misleading to customers...

  4. @ akagugo: Hi, thx for stopping by:)the sink IS very shallow indeed. Looking more closely at the glazed cabinets though, it seems to me that these are faux-cabinets, meant to "hide" the vents above the oven!