Coral Red

From Cath Kidston's home, which is vibrant with colors and patterns. Flowery of course. I came across these in the August-September 2010 issue of Lonny Magazine . The rug completely won me over. Isn't it gorgeous? I quite liked the coral red entryway too, but in the 'looks good on others way'. Daring choice of color for walls. I kept thinking about coral red lipsticks! Same dilemma in choosing the perfect shade with potential for awesomeness or disaster...


  1. Love it! One has to be confident in their skin to enjoy a red room (I happen to love it) but it sure does make a statement.

    I particularly like the basket that is under the table. Mom mom had one just like it when she did her laundry - that was hung outside to dry!


  2. @ Charlotte's Color Specialist: My grandma used to have one similar but made of iron!