A Villa between Africa and Asia

It's Monday and the week would start much better with a vacation at the Hotel Prince Maurice (yeah, if only). We can still "visit" though. A villa designed by Mauritian architect Jean-Marc Eynaud and decorated by Australian Martin Banner...

Both wanted to take advantage of multiple local heritages and borrowed details from the treasures of Africa and Asia. Between palm roofs and floors of woven precious rosewood, you can lay down on mats made from a Malagasy plant, your head nestled into silky cushions from the Kingdom of Siam.

.:Ceiling panels in raffia, wood blinds from Australia, rosewood flooring from Madagascar & a coffee table in Balinese stone and rattan:.

.:Interior colors inspired by the sun and the earth. On the walls, a collection of engravings representing Indian dignitaries:.

.:Walls of volcanic rock. Dutch colonial style furniture, a bed in carved red mahogany from Batavia (now Jakarta), and elevated according to ancient Buddhist teachings of wisdom, to allow the bad vibes in sleeping bodies to flow away. Glazed terra cotta pottery, Balinese. Drapery Silk, Java and Egyptian cotton sheets:.

.:Buried in the tropical vegetation, an outdoor bathroom, composed of a basalt basin, water gushing from a bronze "Jaquot", a monkey carving by the architect:.

.:Around the pool, tiles inlaid with blue mica reflect light. Slabs are "padimanam" stones of Indonesia that does not absorb heat. A bench made of carved Balinese teak to relax and enjoy the warmth of the lagoon:.

Via Marie Claire Maison

Hotel Prince Maurice, 5-star luxury. Choisy Road, Poste de Flacq, Mauritius.

p.s: I used google translate to copy the original french text and somehow it still can be read. How cool is that? lol


  1. The sunny yellow chair toppers are such a fabulous surprise!

  2. Oh wow -- GORGEOUS!! And I love how the architect and designer used elements and pieces from various places in the world.

    Thanks for the virtual visit :-)


  3. Stunning! Love the chairs - we have an old one I'd love to restore. Hubby "rescued" it from his uncle and aunts garden...
    Sorry to hear you were down with a bug, hope you have fully recovered now!
    Thanks for you nice comment! :)