I've been meaning to post on LiveYourStyle since last week, except I couldn't put together decent posts that weren't... one sentence long. That would be because I stumbled on a lot of inspiring interiors, except they couldn't be categorized or thematized. So, untitled this one is.

{Via House Beautiful}

I shudder to think at what cost it will be to actually have and maintain a white foyer. But it's so beautiful, like the above designed by Jonathan Adler.

{Via Marie Claire Maison}

This cosy space is home to a French artist, who decorates with knits and embroidery.

{Via Living Etc}

An industrial look for this kitchen island. The lettering is a fun whimsical touch. Although I wouldn't have gone for the word boucherie... How about Bon Appetit...

Sunburst mirror, Chandelier and Nautical Stripes. I love how this is over the top without being overwhelmingly too much. Do I make sense?


Usually, I am not a fan of yellow, let alone bright yellows, but these pops of color really work in this... beachhouse. Yeah, beachhouse!

A Pantry in Stone&Bricks! That's from Meg Ryan's beachhouse. As are the dining&bedroom below. I like the architectural details a lot.


{Via Marie Calire Maison}

And I wish I was blogging from this terrasse in Paris...


  1. The 1st picture of the white foyer is AMAZING! I could stare at it all day long. Thanks for the visual stimulation/inspiration :)

  2. Sharon, thanks for your request. I have done a little bit of an abstract art post here


    but will keep you in mind!!

  3. Nice round-up! I know what you meant when there is too much visual inspiration!! But it never hurts to have extra than not enough right? I loved your selection. xoxo