Are stripes passé or classic?

Being an islander, you know, deciding on having stripes or not in your decor can lead to heated debates. With others or in your head.

You'd say, what's a nautical decor without its blue&white stripe. It's classic, it'll stay. But, lately, we've seen them everywhere-don't tell me you haven't thought of buying a marinière-

and we all know when something has hit the masse that much, it's not far from going. In fact, I wonder whether the stripe is already something passé.

Commiting to an expensive stripey rug, or investing time and energy and money in say, the stripey wallpaper... or patiently fake the said wallpaper using masking tape. No thank you.

Plus, patterns are notorious for dating an interior, don't they? What say you? Have you commited to a stripey decor? More importantly, have you looked back, thinking "what was I thinking?" Just askin...

May be it's a question of dosage. I still think that we're safer whitewashing and adding small touches of stripey here and there, but I confess to be a coward with patterns...

(Sources: Pic no 4. via l'internaute and the rest via Coastal Living)

p.s: I might have overdosed you with pics from Coastal Living both here and on previous posts. Sorry, enjoy anyway:)


  1. I confess I've bought a marinière jersey some years ago but I agree with you about stripes :)

  2. Your photos are beautiful. Love love love the stripes.

  3. I have striped walls in 4 rooms of my house, some vertical, some horizontal, some wide, others thin. I also have a striped sofa. I love stripes. And yet I do find myself wondering if it's all too much and does it need updating. I think, done well, stripes will endure. Really enjoyed this post, thanks.

  4. I dunno....based on the images you provided, I don't think you can go wrong with some stripe!

  5. I don't think stripes will ever go out of style. They're just too versitile.

  6. I love stripes...just not on the clothes i'm wearing:)

  7. I think stripes are a classic pattern that will never be passé. I don't think you could do a nautical-style room without stripes in some fashion!!

    It's more how you use stripes that could date them.

    I'll be posting come garden pics on our b log soon -- stay tuned!! :-)


  8. I'm a total coward with patterns too!!! But I do love stripes, always classic and always nautical. It'll take lots of courage to get, say a striped sofa!

  9. Classic- always. When I get a place of my own, I envision having a bold, stripes room. Stripes are my absolutely favorite pattern, hands down!

  10. I'm a stripe junkie, so I say classic!!


  11. C-L-A-S-S-I-C !!! You can never go wrong with the stripe of life :)