Hello art wall!!!

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I am back from my impromptu 'away from blogging time'. It was good getting away from the computer. Not that I've been away completely, I had to log in from time to time and visit you guys:) You know, to take that refreshing sip! And wow, there's so much going on! We need to catch up;)
Now you might notice a few things about LiveYourStyle and L'Atelier, some old stuffs are gone. I felt that they were no longer relevant to the blogs. Also, updated the links! It was so sad to delete the sweet comments that accompanied these posts though. In my almost two years of blogging, I've 'met' and connected to lots of amazing bloggers. On a fait un petit bout de chemin ensemble. So thanks for your support. It still warms my heart to read your comments. And nothing pleases me more than seeing a new follower who drops a word about how he/she likes my corner of the world:)

Moving on to today's post, Art Walls...

They are not necessarily about paintings either. Mirrors, Fabrics, Ceramics, Tassels, Keys, basically any Artwork, Photographs as well as beautiful empty frames are great too. The above art wall consists of a painted corkboard.

So, I have this 2m x 1m blank space on a concrete wall that has been bothering me. Been itching to do something about it. I started collecting bits and pieces, an eclectic bunch really. And of course, started hunting for inspiration and tutorials on how to go about hanging them.

Two options:
1) Aim for symmetry& repetition. But that will involve buying matching frames and it might feel too formal for a bedroom.
2) Go asymmetrical& play with grouping. Much as I love neat, I also love eclectic.

Via Elle Decor

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Via House Beautiful

Via House and Home

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Via Elle Decor

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You might want to read these tips for hanging art if you're about to do an art wall too. I would show you pics for mine, but they aren't any yet. Pics or Art wall. There's a paint job I need to get done before I can think of the art wall. I'll keep you updated!


  1. Hello!!
    I really love the black and white photographs without the frames...
    simple and CUTE:)

  2. Gorgeous art walls.... all of them.

    Is that Fiestaware in the first photo?
    I was in the midst of planning an artwall with these colourful plates and posted on it 2 weeks ago... Kates house

  3. @ Susan: (http://www.houseandhome.com/design/hanging-plates-wall). Here's from where I got this image. It says who the photographer is, sadly, doesn't specify which dishware was used. I saw your beautiful post on Kate's house, they really do look like Fiestaware right?! hehe

  4. I'm waiting to see your wall!
    I'got a wall to go up stairs with a lot posters, frames and photos i love it :)

  5. There are so many fun and creative ways to hang art. And really, art can be almost anything!!

    I'd lean towards the less structured, more eclectic art wall layout for your wall. I imagine life in Mauritius being relaxed and laid back, so I think a less formal art wall would go along with that Mauritian lifestyle :-)

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :-)

    I found this little blurb about the bad hair day plant: "They are wonderful cutting greens for short bouquets, and add lovely interest to the bouquet." So I guess you can!! :-)


  6. Amazing!! I love, I love...I'm such an HGTV nerd :)

    Lovely blog!
    Cheers, Jesa

  7. You've inspired me to switch up our walls a bit for a spring change!

    Lovely photos!

  8. Thanks for condensing so many references! The variety you choose is spot on. LOVE this post!!