Coup de Coeur ♥ Small Cool 2010

(All images via AT)

Click [here] to see who lives in this beautiful 647 sq ft apartment in NYC. I personally love every detail in this decor. I imagine coming home to this a soothing experience. The lavender and brown work well together. And on the other hand, it's just glam enough for entertaining. Who else wants a pair of these silver chairs! Also notice the storage under the bench, and the wall treatment. Interesting use of textures and materials don't you think? In case you haven't seen the awesome entries for Small Cool 2010, go NOW.


  1. Lovely....but a wee bit modernish for my liking:)

  2. I really like how the different styles and elements all come together in this space. And the colours are great -- love chocolate brown and purple :-)


  3. I love the rose sofa (or maybe big chair :)
    Have a nice week end

  4. You have such a beatiful blog! Definitely following:) When you have a minute come and visit La Boheme!

  5. @ Dsperos: Hi Diane, am glad you liked Aug 09's "Beach Cottage Style" post. Sorry I could not visit your blog, am being denied access to your profile! If you would like me to reply to your mail, please provide your gmail add. thx:)

  6. Beautiful! Love the saarinen table.. I want one too!