Color Moodboard

I really like the dropper tool on Corel. A fancy but quick way of figuring out a color palette(oh am sure there's an application somewhere that already does this). Anyway, I came across this celebrity's room on Instyle, which I somehow associate with spring(which would translate as winter here). Like Like Like! Now, I need to figure out a way of painting furniture to achieve that effect...Any tips?


  1. Isn't it fun picking color swatches this way? My blog is loaded with them! I don't have Corel but there are a few programs on the Mac that do the samething. You just need the right eye to choose the right colors to pull out. I wish there was a program that would paint furniture and flooring to. Let me know if you find something!

    I love the color shceme here too - very unique.

  2. @ Charlotte's Color Specialist: Very! I think we have to look into interior design softwares..

  3. Beautiful colours in this room -- I can see why you like, like, like it!! :-)

    Painting your furniture shouldn't be too hard. The most important thing is to prep right -- clean and sand the pieces you're going to paint, do a coat of primer, and then do at least two coats of paint. I think a semi-gloss finish would be best.

    Hope that helps!!


  4. I haven't played with that toy yet...but love your inspiration color. I need to paint some furniture soon, too!