To Mykonos Via Shelter Island

I happened to visit AT and liked the house tour featuring a Greek Vacation Home...With the color palette emulating the ocean, what's not to like. Then I clicked on a link to another house tour: Steve&Rhea's Renovated Fisherman's Cottage previously featured on AT and me like me like me like!They did a fantastic job. Inspiration Galore. So there you go, sit back and relax, we're going on both house tours...

Shelter Island, NY

Anthracite is a cool option instead of the usual turquoise

An eclectic feel to the decor which is nevertheless harmonious

Two favorite trends, the chalkboard and the stripe
What a lovely nook, so cosy

And Mykonos, Greece

Outdoor-Indoor Living at its best

Love the ceiling, the chandelier below and the coffee tables

Another lovely nook perfect for lounging

Hmm, I can't decide which I heart best...
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

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