Small& Stylish

Via Elle Decor

...The tricks for the ultra-mini bedroom or guestroom include a visually not bulky double bed (storage space!), forgoing bedside tables to save space, therefore using hanging light fixture, a feature wall behind headboard to create focal points and a mirror to give illusion of space...

This is a NY studio, which makes full use of the available space without feeling cramped or losing on the decor level. The airy light is for much. Note the use of reflective surfaces everywhere


Via Metropolitan Home

Two schools of thought, above, the richly decorated and below, the pared down look. While it makes sense to keep things to the strict minimum, I kinda prefer the above*...

From the Apartment Therapy Book, via POINTclickHOME

Via Elle Decor

*namely coz of this closet space transformed into a library!


Pssssstt!.. you should visit Small Space Style for more inspiration, an amazing blog by Lisa dedicated to... small space design of course

.:Galley Kitchen:..:Cozy Living:.

And finally, I'd like to show you some pics from Typhanie's lovely Shoebox Decor...

N.B: Curtains, credenzas or other pieces of furniture can be creative solutions for defining functions in an open space
...Hmm I am pretty sure I have had this one stashed away in my home office folder for long(might even have posted it, haven't checked) How great it must be to shut away the clutter at the end of the day... or when you're stuck & procrastination is just calling you...

Small is of course relative and subjective. And is not always what we might have preferred, but many times, have to make do with anyway. But hey, small can be beautiful ;)


  1. Lovely! I miss your beautiful and interesting post! ;)

  2. Love all of those diminutive full of style! And love Lisa of small space style too!!

  3. Great tips, adorable nooks, very creative!

  4. Great post on being small but still stylish. And thanks for mentioning my lovely blog.