Green Ideas Casela Nature & Leisure Park, Mauritius. Spent the loveliest afternoon there, and came back with lots of outdoor inspiration.

The Restaurant has this amazing thatch roof and colonnades in pinewood, which work extremely well in keeping the air temperature cool- without AC-while looking exotic and charming. Incidentally, many resorts on the island used to have this, but due to the high flammability of that material, and a few maintenance incidents later, changed to other roofing types.

But I definitely want this in my dream home!

Doesn't these napkins suspiciously look like the Bird of the Paradise flower?

They do! I love that attention to detail. You should know that Casela was initially a bird park. And still is *

Oh, just one of the breathtaking views you enjoy from the veranda. The village you can discern is Tamarin, it's on the West coast and everything is a luscious green because of the enormous amount of rain we had the last few weeks.

Talk about luxurious lifestyle! This peacock is free to roam at leisure (and the cunning thing chose to stick close to the restaurant)

Ah, I particularly liked this corner, with these laser-cut copper lampshades, twig bench and giant Jeu de dames oops sorry don't know the english word

I might consider crafting my own birdhouse. It looks so cute.

They look so cute. There are tons of more species and we took tons of pictures, but I won't bore you with them all;)

*All other photos are by my bro, Jason Chan.


  1. I would love to be there, among the colorful birds, in this beautiful place

  2. Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful! LOVE where you come from!

  3. Do peacocks actually wander around free in Mauritius?! Cool!! Love the flower in the first picture, and the great shots of the restaurant. The napkins DO look like the Bird of Paradise flower :-)

    Jeu de dames looks like "checkers" to me :-)