Have a great weekend

Pictures from Livingetc

Bringing alive an old feature of this blog, the outdoor post to celebrate the upcoming weekend! Phew, this girl is ready to wrap up this hectic week. Do you know what's topping my wishlist currently?Hop on the plane and go have a fab vacation. What are your plans?


  1. I passed this weekend in Verona a city of northen Italy with some friend we had a great time!

    Italy could be a very good place for a dreamy vacation, one day if you decide to come i'll be pleasure to give you some advice to discovering Italy!

    Have a nice week! :)

  2. Hi there, i liked your blog too much. To tell the truth i have you in my blogroll for over a year now, but i had not the chance to visit you as often as i would like to. I am a decorator and blogger from Greece and i had visited Mauricious in February of 2000. You just reminded me again how wonderful time i had there. we stayed at Villa Carolina. Stop by my blog anytime.