Resort Style


St Geran



Le Meridien


Above two: La Plantation Below: Le Meridien

Beau Rivage

Royal Palm

Le Preskil


There are a few things common to all these beautiful resorts, elements to bring into your own home to add the exotic touch and incidentally bring Paradise a little closer to everyday life...So let's see
~Bring Nature inside, sprinkle flower petals in those areas where you have your relaxing moments
~Fruit Platters, which are anyway better than junk food snacks
~Ceiling Fan, handy if you live in warm regions, but essential decor item
~Teak, which is the perfect background for natural tones or lively patterns
~Wicker, much as the ceiling fan in fact, a must have
~Inspiration from the sea, whether with a magnificent view or coastal decor
And you're practically an islander. It's best to have a garden shower, an infinity pool, a spa and a a private beach, but we'll leave those to the five star resorts eh

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  1. Love the framed starfish, so simple yet so effective.

  2. @ Maya@Completely Coastal: How I wish I could go on a beach stroll. It seems ages since I've gone, looking out for seashells...