This is Maximilian Sinsteden’s dorm room. He’s a college senior. He’s already got clients.

His Artwork collection

Drapery is from Moss design& Rugs and chair are hand-me-downs

King of preppy chic. This is a thrifted dresser (the classic dorm room one is in storage)

(Image Source: NYMagazine)

A mini-home tour: Maximilian Sinsteden’s dorm room, a tiny box in Hoyt-Bowne Hall on the bucolic campus of Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.

Sinsteden officially started his own interior-design company—and completed his first solo commission, the interior of a 78-foot motor yacht. The set-perfect dorm room is, of course, evanescent; when the semester’s over, it goes away (and Sinsteden will be in London this summer for a stint at the Victoria and Albert Museum, followed by a semester in Rome). Which in some ways gives him more freedom to change. “Since they took that photo,” he says, referring to the picture seen here, “I’ve already changed it three times.”-NYMag

This guy is blessed with a natural sense of style/design. I can't wait to see more of his work. He's definitely one to watch! (Via Oh Happy Day!) Thank you Jordan for reporting about this cool dude.


  1. Wow, if he can do that with a dorm room, Imagine what he can do with a house! He can decorate my dorm anytime! : )

  2. oh, my goodness! That is truly impressive.

  3. @ Justine: hehe

    @ Blair: Isn't he amazing!

  4. it's a lot easier to have an amazing-looking dorm when the walls aren't old, chipped off-white, you can put the standard dorm furniture into storage, and it looks like he can put nails in the wall or something to hang up his lovely art.

    As a room I like it, as a "standard" dorm-'makeover' I can't say that I'm that impressed..

  5. you should what he can do to cinder block walls . . . without paint and nails.