Style Recipe: Friday-in-style

.:Work some magic with your green hands:.

.:Get your Veranda ready:.

.:for pool-partying?:.

.:brunch or tea-time:.

.:Get-away to flowers and color therapy:.

(Image courtesy to DecorAmor)

.:Gear up for picnic:.

.:Have a posh backyard party:.

(p.s: Click on each image for source)

Sharing a few ideas for having a lazy friday. Yes, let's celebrate the week-end!! Are you up for a picnic? I know I am:)
Much love and see you next week,


  1. Oh those are GREAT images! I'm putting myself in each one. look how relaxed I am. Well the glass of wine doesn't hurt. Nope.

  2. Have a relaxing weekend too!

  3. @Linda: :)
    @Stella: thank you, have a nice one too!

  4. @ sha serene: aww we share a pet name:) thanks for dropping by

  5. Beautiful pics! You make me want to make my patio cool!!! If I only had the time!
    P.s. Thanks for being one of our followers...would love to follow you too but I don't see Google Followers on your blog so I will add you to my blog list. :)

  6. @Revolution Malibu: thank you for visiting:) and for adding me to your blog list. Heart Revolution Malibu, you're doing a great job!!:)

  7. I love that pink outdoor one and that black posh outdoor space. Great post!

  8. @ Rachel: Glad you liked it:)