Showcasing the work of Slovakian designer Tomas Kral. Called Upgrade, the collection involves taking normally processes used to engrave and gild crystal glass and applying them to industrial jars and bottles. The idea is to use traditional decorative techniques for crystal glass like cutting, engraving, gilding to “upgrade” existing industrial glass packaging like milk bottles or jars for tomato sauce.

Designer Profile:

Tomas Kral graduated from the University of Art and Design in Lausanne 2006-and post-graduate 2008, where he actually worked as an assistant. During this short period he had the possibility to work with such a big icons in design like Ronan Bouroullec, Martino Gamper, Sebastian Bergne, Florence Doléac… or companies like Swarovski, Bernardaud, Ligne Roset, Coca-Cola, Etain et Prestige.

A word from the artist:

"As a designer, I adopt a simple technique - technique of a curious child, who observes, experiments and imagines night and day. Tireless, I transform existing things, and in every stage of my work I try to justify my choices and decisions using trivial questions like: why, for what, how…I observe people's needs and every day situations with humor and distance. I try to capture specific thinks, twist them and infuse them with poetry, to design accessible and comprehensible objects. I consider important that all these transformations become easily understandable for the user without any long and boring explications. On the other side, my work is an experimentation with materials, technologies and forms. I explore and match especially traditional materials with new technologies and at the same time I try to define particular and personal typologies for the objects I’m searching for."
-Tomas Kral-

Source:Dezeen Architecture&Design Magazine


  1. I loved learning about this -- thanks!

  2. wow, another absolutely gem of a designer... phenomenal work! simple and out of the ordinary but beautifully transfromed into an artwork with a creative process!

    thanks for posting this!