PEM the great

...The surprising"PEM"...

A talented sculptor to my likes, he has set up his workshop at Caudan-near the Blue Penny Museum-for a while now and he exposes his work of arts right under the shading leaves of Coconut trees!Indeed.

Basically, he works with rough tree trunks and roots, and transforms them into beautiful work of arts that are simply mesmerizing.

Mr Artist

PEM has been featured in local magazines published in the tourism industry, where he has gained a solid reputation. For having exchanged a few words with him, I can vouch for his kind and humble disposition. He is one of these rare characters that exudes positive energy and has a propensity to give back generously-I believe he is involved in social work aimed at promoting art amongst children.


  1. So neat - looks like a great place to be!

  2. I agree with you. He is a talented sculptor.
    His work are beautiful and very particulary.
    Have a great week

  3. I always love to browse through his sculptures! he's v talented..

    how did the braderie shopping go? I always find it quite dissapointing - most often than not, they have really large sizes/rejects or stuff that are almost as expensive as the non-sale ones..

  4. please sir: yes it is:)

    Stella: thanks!!you too

    V: It usually is, but there's also Caudan Phase II now n some interesting new shops!like a certain vivapaquita;)