Urban Garderner Greenhouse
(Marie-Claire's lifestyle buy of the day)

Having a little personal patch of outside space is hard to come by if you live in a big city, so if you've got the green fingers twitch this summer but don't have anywhere to exercise it, this Fairtrade Urban Gardener Greenhouse is ideal to start things growing. Useful for having on hand fresh aromatic herbs!! ..doesn't hurt that the greenhouse comes in a flashy hot pink shade, the windowsill version of the mini-garden is delectable too.

French Flare(Hot finds from InStyle)

Featuring MR Architecture+ Decor, NY.
(Image Courtesy to desiretoinspire)

"What is it about a well designed modern space that is so appealing? Elegant, “lean”, almost zen like at times these homes are not cold and hard. They’re inviting in their minimalism" (Kim)

(Image Courtesy to CafeMode)

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