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Although am not particularly hearting the external facades and the "piled boxes" feel that emanates from the frontal view, I am fond of the terraces, can you believe the views? Mr photographer perfectly captured the magic of the scenic environment. Just imagine the kind of grand family reunions and anniversaries, pool parties.. I can picture the house being used in a hollywood film:P There you go, a feast for the eyes:

“ELEVEN WOMAN” house is a vacation home at Beranda. It stands on a site sloping down to Cachagua beach on the Pacific, 140 kilometers north of Santiago, Chile. A cliff-top house by architect Mathias Klotz. Designed as a holiday home to accommodate a family with eleven daughters, the house is built on a 45 degree slope.


The brief was to provide a second home laid out on three levels for a couple with eleven daughters whose ages range from four to twenty, and to provide all services, a master bedroom, and spaces for entertaining and guests.


The site is on terrain with a steep slope (about 45 degrees), which offers a splendid view of the beach. The three stories are laid out as follows: the plinth is used for the shared spaced and includes a games room and TV room; the intermediate level contains the bedrooms of the eleven daughters, as well as two living rooms for different age groups; the upper level contains the services, the master bedroom, living room, and the family dining room.

Planned in bare concrete with travertine floors, “ELEVEN WOMAN” house adapts to the contours of its site by its extremely compact layout so as to offer splendid views from
every room.


The terraces are spacious and protect the user from the strong southern winds, while a system of hinged shutters solves the problem of the glare on the west side.











Photographer Cristobal Palma

Posted by Rose Etherington, Dezeen Architecture&Design Magazine

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