Varange Sur Morne, A Coeur Bois

Les Chalets en Champagne, not so much a complex of mountain cottages as a labour of love, so designed as to enhance the splendour of the surrounding tropical rainforest that plunges precipitously down the slopes of the Black River mountain range to the sea sparkling sapphire and diamond all the way to the horizon.

The architecture and design bestow an aura of warmth and romance to the chalets that is unrivalled. Perfect for a Romantic get-away... Ou une escapade en Nature pour se ressourcer

Situated at an altitude of 500m, on the border of the National Park, the Restaurant Varange sur Morne offers the Savoir-Faire and the diversity of Mauritian Cuisine. Originally a rustic gamekeeper’s lodge, the restaurant has been conceived as a large verandah, with a balcony view over the whole of the mountainous area, sweeping down to Baie du Cap, Le Morne and beyond.

A Coeur Bois
Chamarel, Ile maurice


  1. oh that's so beautiful! Never knew they had such a thing like little chalets in mauritius..

  2. Fantastic architecture...its the first time I see a blog on the mauritian architecture and culture...thats so nice.
    Guillaume Architecture student;)