Laura Winzeler

"Pique Assiette" is a folk art that can be traced in many different cultures over diverse time periods. PA typically involves the recycling of broken crockery, glass, pottery, china, jewelry, gemstones and assorted chotzke into decorative and functional art for the home and garden. An eclectic blending of color, form and texture that results in works as unique and varied as their creator.

A Mesmerizing Mosaic By Laura Winzeler

Artist Profile:

Thanks so much for your interest in my mosaics. Nothing means more to an artist than the knowledge that their creations are enjoyed and cherished. I live in a small town in the western North Carolina mountains with Leah, the insane Australian Cattle Dog, and our four benevolent feline rulers. I am privileged to spend my days dreaming in color and creating new mosaic pieces that delight me in their ever-evolving forms.

Until I discovered pique assiette I had no way to integrate my love of color into an art or craft form that inspired me and allowed me a fuller range of expression through my hands. (I was born with absolutely no ability to draw, sketch, paint, or even trace an object well, but with a lifelong obsession with color.) I find the unfolding of each piece to be an intriguing and mysterious process. Most often the pieces take on lives of their own and I feel as if I am providing the hands and eyes.

Each item is truly a one-of-a-kind creation. I cut and place each shard by hand, using all manner of vintage and contemporary china, porcelain, and pottery treasures. Durable sanded grout is used, along with water resistant glue and a top sealer. I love every part of the process. (Well, OK -- not so much the grouting!) Whatever it is that draws you to this colorful and dynamic craft form, I hope you will find joy and inspiration in my pique passion. I LOVE custom work so please feel free to contact me if you have ideas or questions about co-creating a very special treasure for your home or loved ones.

Laura Winzeler


  1. Sharon, what an honor to be featured on your blog!! You clearly have exquisite taste and a big heart. (Can you believe I watched The Notebook on TV two nights ago for the first time?)
    Thanks for the wonderful plug.

    Laura Winzeler
    (signed in under my cats' blog right now!)

  2. It is my pleasure, you make so beautiful crafts. An Ode to color, a passion for detail, you define creativity.

    "Bonne continuation"& big love from LiveYourStyle,