JD Wolfe

Showcasing wheel thrown pottery, handmade by JD Wolfe

From a series of pots, inspired by a friend, whose main goal in life, was to be "the pebble in the pond"

Modern style platter with an almost faux bois glaze.

A functional, square, wheel thrown, platter with small squares marching across its surface makes a great serving piece or a fabulous conversation piece on your coffee table.

This bowl would not only be a perfect serving dish, but it would make a great centerpiece as well.
Glazed with a spotted oatmeal glaze and decorated with dark, dark, brown polka dots. The rim is glazed with in a blue/green jade color. Subtle yet striking.

Traditional size for rice bowls, ice cream, cereal, etc. The colors are a mix of mesmerizing blues, purples, and black.
This is an excellent size bowl for a heaping portion of pasta and great for salad, too.

Portfolio as featured in the Directory of Creative Entrepreneurs

Artist Profile:

I have been working with clay and operating my own gallery for over a decade. I like to keep my forms minimalistic and multi-functional in use.
My decorations are inspired by nature (like so many artists). I take the world around me and break it down into it's simplest forms. The hills spotted with sage brush, new spring grasses and the mountain terrain, all make their appearance in my work, although in abstract form.

I'm always striving to set my work apart. I like to push the extremes in subtle ways. This way I'm able to keep my work exciting, yet functional at the same time. An example would be my 12 piece nesting bowl set. The individual bowls range from just ? inch in diameter to over 14 inches. They are made for everyday use, but put all of them together, they become quite sculptural.

I divide my time between studios in Jackson, Wyoming and Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Wolfe, JD
(BFA - UW Wisconsin)


  1. I've been a fan of JDWolfe's pottery for a long time! I love the natural colors and elements on clean, modern, functional forms.

    She also sells at jdwolfepottery.etsy.com.

  2. Stunning! I would love a piece of her work as it would feel like a collectors item that I could use every day!