Otentic Mauritius


{All photos are from www.otentic.mu}

It's almost Friday, almost the Weekend! I have the perfect getaway to share with you. Let's forget about the splendid beach resorts and see Paradise Island eco-style. We're touring "Otentic Mauritius" an eco-tent lodge on the Eastern Coast of the Island, near a little corner of the world called "Deux Freres". Otentic is niched along the bank of Grand River South East and is even accessible by boat. I love their idea of making use of reclaimed wood from demolished "creole maisons" to create this tent camping vibe. They also created a "Chalet" section. So are you more Chalet or more Eco-tent? Ain't it the perfect compromise for the one who loves retreats in nature but can't leave behind all the comfort of the modern world? ...Bon Weekend...

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