New Year New LiveYourStyle

Best wishes for a very happy new year 2012. Here's to hoping it is filled with happiness, creativity and love.

Hello lovely readers*,

Long time no see. I have been mostly absent during 2011. It was after all a very busy year for me. There were lots of life changing moments going around and somehow the blog just fell...flat. That's how a whole year goes by, only by saying things like, next week, next week it's for sure**.
Anyway, I am back! With a new blog decor as you may have noticed***. How do you like it? I still have to update the blog list**** and we're good to go.
Catch up with you very soon,

*I am assuming I still have at least one or two left eh
**I know right
***Yes, it took me forever.
****I still read all your fabulous blogs. So sad that some of you walked away from the blogosphere. On the other hand, more fantastic inspirational blogs to be shared soon.
 ...Alright, I'll stop here before there are more stars than actual text.

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