Image of the Day

Via Nuevo Estilo

Lately, the temperatures are hitting 27-28 oC during the day (à l'ombre!). Isn't the above, the picture of summer itself? Via Nuevo Estilo. How are you going to enjoy your weekend?


  1. *sigh* what a gorgeous image!! Hope you week ahead.. is as beautiful as this image!

  2. Wow...i'd love to be sipping some vino there!!!

  3. Oh, I wish it was 27-28 here! Although this week isn't oo bad - supposed to be sunny and around 7 all week.

    I would LOVE to be on this patio RIGHT NOW! The black shutters against the stone are so pretty, and the peek of the swimming pool is tempting me to jump right in!


  4. Hi, Sharon!
    I must tell you that the temperatures in Mauritius Island is absolutely fresher than here in Brasil, more specifically Joinville, Santa Catarina, south of Brasil. Here the temperatures are hitting 40oC, can you believe?
    Anyway, this outdoor table is gorgeous, really beautiful spot, should it be in Tuscany?
    Have a nice Sunday, your blog is fabulous.