Finally! some update on what is going on decor-wise

My "art wall" is up. (Yaayyy. It's about time!) This project has been pending since march this year. I was waiting to collect a few nice pieces of artwork, posters and such. The wait could have gone on indefinitely but the empty wall was grating on my mind. Come november 2010, I decided it was time to DO something.

Let's look at some befores.

Left: Before before Right: Before
We are talking years apart befores. The one on the right was more recent but temporary.

Oh dear, the making of the art wall was tedious. Look at what I had to work with before even thinking of hanging frames. Moisture attacks(tropical climate and leakages in the rooftop drainage system, which involved the hiring of a mason to repair the exterior concrete ) and chipped paint from ripping off contact paper.

Oh and a hole, yes a hole in the wall when sanding the wall surface. Side effects of moisture attacks=brittle cement. I repaired this one myself (especially since I was the one behind the incident, but shush don't tell anyone hehe) with some cement paste and then primed and painted. It had to be done over a few days to allow things to dry well.

Now I had a good blank canvas again, I fished a few things from my stuffs to fill the empty frames.

Except the teenie bird cage-qui vient de Daiso- everything is DIY. How do you like my shout-out for your blogs?:) Ahh sadly, I'm no graphic designer. You might recognise a home tour featured on Marie Claire Maison? I ripped that photo of a design studio off a back issue. Love it. Also, it doesn't hurt that the colors work well with the rest. The floral motif is actually a fabric, although I've been asked twice already if I did the painting! I wish I wish. The crayon drawing is not actually my drawing, it's an illustration from one of my favorite books, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, with a quote from another of my favorite books-the scene where Darcy declares his love to Elizabeth-Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I liked the idea of using illustrations from books and also did this. p.s: Don't worry I didn't massacre any book for the sake of interior design;)

My accent wall color is looking extremely peculiar in this photo, it's NOT pink in real life. Petunia in VIP Satin by Mauvilac is more of a purplish red with pink undertones.

Next, figuring out where to place what...

I traced the outlines of the frames on old newspaper and cut out the shapes to use as guidelines of where to mark the spots for drilling. I went with visible gold toned hooks.


I never showed you the before/after of the battered office table, did I?


The table was moved to another corner to become a craft station & the shelves repurposed...

Ripping out things can be fun you know. I'm just sayin.


...And here's a peek at what it's used for

And, I'm still not finished with the post...
I posted these on L'Atelier in October.

But I didn't show you something else I sewed with the excess fabric...a bolster pillow!

All photos: LiveYourStyle

That's it for now. I am very happy with the summery feel of the overall look. It will stay put for a while. However, we all know our homes are always works-in-progress. Right?!


  1. Lovely...all of it! Great work on your upholstery...and LOVE the bolster!

  2. You have done such a great job!upholstery and the bolster are gorgeous!It turned out so great also the before and after!inspiring.

  3. OMG - I NEED to have that purple & green & turquoise fabric! You did a great job with the bolster pillow & stool & magazine holder. And your art wall looks great! I love that you created the artwork yourself :-)


  4. @ Linda: Thanks:) The bolster was easier to do than I thought (although there was STILL a lot of complicated sewing for me lol)

    @ Victoria: Glad you like it, thx for visiting LiveYourStyle!

    @ Kelly: Yeah, I had to just DO something about the empty frames...I'm not sure what I'm keeping, for now it suits me. I love that fabric too;)

  5. Yeah for you!! It all looks fabulous!!!

  6. I cannot believe you sewed that upholstery!! Wonderful wonderful job, lovely blog!!