Judging a book by its cover...

You just KNOW, by looking at this...

...that you're looking at a fun, eclectic, creative, daring, out-of-the-box thinking person's home

...and you'll just LOVE her decor (and her sense of style! since this is the home of an interior designer)

To see more of this home, click [here]

All images via Home-Designing

*Unfortunately, I haven't tracked down who's the owner. Drop a word in the comments section if you happen to know, I think we all want to see more of his/her work;)

.:Happy Weekend:.


  1. I LOVE those purple front doors! I have no idea who the designer is, but I love all the wonderful colours :-)


    P.S. I think you could use double-sided tape to do layered mirrors, as long as the mirror in front isn't too heavy.

  2. Completely fabulous!
    ps...I did grow all my gourds!
    Just put some seeds in the ground in the spring...
    Make sure they have a hefty arbor to grow on...
    and full sun...
    Ignore them as much as possible and you'll be rewarded with tons of gourds in the autumn!!