Recycled Shipping Palettes






Via Re-Nest

From La Case No.6 August-September 2010

Palettes turned furniture, it's one of these design trends that has steadily grown on me. I'd love to make a daybed using palettes! I classify palette with driftwood. Or maybe twigs? Same level of coolitude...


  1. I know it wasn't the feature of this post, but the herringbone floor is SO great! Nice to know if my bank acct ever takes a serious dive, I can still be stylish and make due with crates :)

  2. Hey, love that word, coolitude :-)

    Lots of creative ways to repurpose wood that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill.


  3. This is intriguing ... there's something in every room I'd like to add to my home ... some where?