La Casa Oasis

Via Nuevo Estilo

This little casa is aptly named Oasis. Found it via Nuevo Estilo. I didn't understand much of the description, but the only english in the text said: Happy& Natural. Need I say more? I am loving the warmth and charm of the place. I think the trick is the use of wood in all kinds of finishes and in every room, including outdoor. Stained, glossy, au naturel, driftwood, reclaimed wood, patina, whitewashed, they mix very well and make a harmonious decor. There's no overdose of matchy matchiness. That said, it's funny that I like the decor so much, coz it's not modern enough to my taste. However, if I had to have a second home, this'd be it! What about you?


  1. Yep, this could be my second home too!! Or first home, or third home... I'm not picky!! ;-)

    I totally agree with you about the use of various woods -- they really add warmth and texture to the home. Love the ceiling beams :-)


  2. that is one gorgeous place!!!!