Let's talk Easter Decor

Have you seen 'Alice in Wonderland' by Tim Burton? So you know that scene(even if you didn't, pretend like..)...
Isn't it the perfect setting for Easter celebrations? The mismatched chairs, china, table runners&skirts, all very do-able for a great garden party.

Turns out somebody did think of this...Check out Blush&Bashful's 'Alice in Wonderland Inspiration'

In fact her whole blog is an eye-candy. Head over there if you're looking for entertaining&events decor.

Plus, I've found these real-life Alice themed parties. As you can see, it appeals to little girls as well as big girls!
Via Jessica Claire's Portfolio

Via trendsetting wedding

Btw, did you know there exist instructions ideas for planning your very own "Mad Hatter Tea Party" There's this whole website dedicated to Alice.

...Wish you all a very Happy Easter!!!...


  1. I cannot believe it's already Easter. i am so NOT prepared!

  2. Interesting!!! And cute!
    I don't do that much decorating for Easter..
    Maybe I should:)

  3. How cute. What a perfect party theme!

  4. I haven't seen it yet. I loved the story when I was a child.

    My friend went last weekend and loved it... it totally looks like a feast for the eyes.

    Maybe get a chance to go this week...
    Happy Easter,

  5. Love the idea for a mad hatter Easter! So fun.

  6. An Alice in Wonderland-inspired Easter table is a great idea!! Lots of fun and colour, perfect for a spring lunch -- and even better if it's in the garden!! :-)


  7. Happy Easter too Sharon!

    I love all this easter decorations and also Alice in Wonderland.
    Unfortunatly i have got some problem with my pc :( anyway thanks a lot for the award, as soon i can i will add it on my blog
    THAnk you and good easter!