House Tour: Puerto Rican Vacation Place

Welcome to a home where the Indoor and the Outdoor are merged beautifully

With an extraordinary setting& magnificent views

...A house where the judicious choice of materials& textures sublimes the place...

Of course, vintage Marimekko can do a lot hehe

Imagine waking up in this bathroom, it'll be where you'd start the day planning amazing trips to the beach, to the local hot spots...

Ready to pack your bags?

Architect John Hix conceived a Puerto Rico vacation home that celebrates both modernism and the Caribbean. It is home to textile designer Donna Gorman and swedish-born financier Roger Johansson. Read more about the low maintenance get away [here]

(Photographer: Peter Murdock)


  1. I just posted on this very subject (bring the outdoors in). Beautiful concrete house!

  2. Very cool place! But I think I love your corner of the world even more!

  3. love the place!
    I love the simple ceiling lamp on the 2nd pic!
    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Gorgeous! I feel like I'm on vacation just looking at it!

  5. @ Linda: Awww, so sweet of you to say that(I secretly agree with you)

  6. i want this house... now!!!

    i so want to dive into it!